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60x 30x Jewelry Magnifying Loupe




Lens Diameter:
60x 30x Magnifying Jewelry Loupe Handheld Magnifier

60x, 30x
12mm (60x) / 22mm (30x)
Glass lens, plastic body

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Product Description

This Magnifying Jewelry Loupe 60x 30x is used in a number of industries, notably the jewelry trade, watch making, coin collecting, photography, printing, electronic engineering, tattoo artistry, dentistry, surgery, education and ophthalmology. Loupes are also used in academia and life sciences, such as geology and biology. Amateur naturalists may also find a hand lens or a loupe a useful tool when identifying species.


- Jewelers Loupe 60x 12mm / 30x 22mm with LED light
- Can be used under insufficient sunlight or dark environment
- Main lens: 30x 22mm
- Accessorial lens: 60x 12mm
- Size: approx. 5cm x 3.5cm
- Power Source: 3x LR1130 Batteries (included)

60x 30x  Loupe Handheld Magnifier

60x 30x Magnifying Jewelry Loupe